Completely self taught, Cameron spent most of his youth in Queensland, Australia, perfecting his skills as a photographer before embarking on Southeast Asia where he fell in love not only with the people but with it’s landscape. Thailand has been his home since 2001, where his Galleries have flourished in locations such as Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui where he lives.

Hansen has journeyed far and wide in the course of his life, shooting in places as exotic as Burma, whilst also traveling the North American, African, European and Asian continents extensively. However, Cameron’s photographic adventures are never without incident. In January of 2001, Cameron boarded a bus bound for Yangon, Burma, mere weeks after capturing his now famous ‘Three Monks’ on slide film. Somewhere amidst the twist-and-turn of the secluded mountain trail, the bus careened off the side of the road and rolled some 60 meters down into the forest floor, killing several. Cameron sustained his own injuries in the crash, but persevered through the pain of broken ribs to ensure the safety of other passengers. Unfortunately his cameras didn’t survive the accident but upon returning to Bangkok he discovered his film had !
This highly acclaimed, multi award winning photographer has an enormous collector database, ranging from Hollywood superstars and Italian fashion designers to Olympic Gold Medalists. Those who visit Hansen’s gallery experience the extraordinary dedication that it takes to get the shot. Each image has been taken using specialist photographic equipment with the wide majority having been captured on transparent film. Even in today’s digital age he still prefers the tangible feel film offers along with its superior quality in medium format. However, as technology advances it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a landscape photographer to overlook large format digital sensors. Cameron is now using medium format digital back’s that enable him to print large fine art prints that rival that of his panoramic Linhof system.

Hansen ranks among the worlds best in his field and is now looking to venture into other continents such as North America, to showcase his unique style of photography.

Cameron Hansen Gallery strives to provide only exceptional quality products. Each image has been taken on professional fine grain film and printed using imported archival photographic material. We have one of the most advanced and awarded large format photographic printers on the planet. We also guarantee the longevity of our prints for life.